Hirsch Remote Learning Plan

As we enter the 2020-21 school year, Chicago Public School is committed to keeping our school community safe from COVID-19. As such, all classes will be conducted virtually using Google Meet. 

Safety Protocols for visiting the school building for registration and technology pickup

  • No one will be permitted to enter the building without wearing a face mask that covers their mouth and nose.
  • If you do not have a face mask, then one will be provided for you.
  • Entry to the building can only occur during designated windows or by arrangement with the school administration.
  • Entry to the building can only occur through the Main Entrance (Door #1) located on Ingleside Ave. 
  • Upon arrival, please ring the doorbell and speak into the camera. State your name and purpose for visiting. 
  • If others are present at the door, please maintain social distancing guidelines (wear a facemask and remain 6 feet apart at all times). 
  • As much as possible, all business will be handled at the door without the need to enter the building (picking or turning in materials).
  • In the event of inclement weather, or should larger-than-average crowds necessitate it, access to a space inside the building will be provided, where visitors must wear a facemask and maintain proper social distancing at all times. 
  • Should entry to the building be necessary, normal security procedures will be followed (x-ray and metal detectors employed). All visitors must submit to screening. 
  • All visitors must complete a Health Screening Form each time they enter the building. Copies will be available at the main entrance. 
  • Should the visitor answer “No” to all questions on the Health Screening Form, the visitor’s temperature will be taken using an infrared thermometer. 
  • Any visitor who answers “Yes” to any question on the Health Screening Form, or who presents a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher will not be permitted to remain in the building. 
  • All approved visitors must present a valid ID and sign in upon entry, and provide an email address and contact number.
  • Access to bathrooms will be limited to one person at a time. 
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available at all locations and should be utilized upon entry and as necessary, before handling any materials or interacting with staff. 

Registration Procedures

  • The pandemic prevents us from hosting an in-person registration and orientation. This means that registration forms will have to be completed electronically. The forms will be sent to returning families via email. Parents are asked to print them, fill them out, and then scan and return them to us via email. 
  • If families do not have access to a scanner, then they may drop them off at the school on Wednesday 9/2/20, Thursday 9/3/20 or Friday 9/4/20 between the hours of 9:00AM and 3:00PM. Please note that you will not be permitted to come into the building due to COVID-19 restrictions; the window is for drop-off only. 
  • If families do not have access to a printer, the forms will also be available for pick-up during the same timeframe noted above. Families may bring the forms back once completed.
  • For families new to Hirsch that wish to enroll, packets will be available for pickup during the same timeframe noted above. Once completed, families can return the documents, along with an original birth certificate, which will be copied and returned to them. Communication regarding the status of the enrollment will occur via phone and/or email. Families should expect to have their enrollment addressed no more than 24 hours upon submission of all required documentation.

Technology Requirements and Device Retrieval

  • All students are required to have access to a chromebook with internet service in order to participate in remote learning.
  • All returning students already have chromebooks from SY20 and may keep these devices until we return to in-person learning.
  • Any returning students whose device is no longer function may return the device to the school building on Wednesday 9/2/20, Thursday 9/3/20 or Friday 9/4/20 between the hours of 9:00AM and 3:00PM. Staff will be available to accept the device and to issue a new one.
  • New students who have completed the enrollment process will receive a device upon the return and approval of all enrollment documentation. 
  • Eligible CPS families can now receive high-speed internet in their homes immediately at no cost for up to four years. There are no installation or upfront equipment fees and families are not required to provide a social security number.
  • Families can find out if they are eligible through Chicago Connected's eligibility tool. If eligible, families will be provided an activation code for Comcast or RCN. Families can also email the school administration to confirm their eligibility and receive an activation code.
  • CPS has partnered with T-Mobile to reserve 12,000 internet hotspots for all students in transitional living situations (STLS), unstable housing, or outside of the broadband service area. We are prepared to provide STLS students with a laptop and an internet hotspot to ensure they’re ready for the first day of school.

Attendance and Schedule Expectations

  • Unlike last Spring, remote learning will more closely mirror the student schedule for in-person learning.
  • Students will be able to view their schedules in Aspen and link to the Google Meet for each of their classes.
  • Every Hirsch student has an 8 period day, with 5th period reserved for lunch and the other 7 periods assigned to a class. Each period is 50 minutes long, with three minutes between each period to allow for transition.
  • Students are expected to attend every class, every day via Google Meet. Students should be on time and be prepared to be engaged in learning activities for the entire period. 
  • 40 minutes of each class period will be spent in direct instruction from the teacher (synchronous learning), while 10 minutes will be reserved for students to interact in small groups or work independently (asynchronous learning). Each teacher will utilize these minutes at their discretion, according to the needs of their class. 
  • During synchronous instructional time, students are expected to have their cameras turned on. Microphones should be turned off unless the student wishes to speak (when appropriate). 
  • Students who are absent from class will lose valuable instructional time and may fall behind academically. Students who do not attend class must have a valid excuse. A parent or guardian must submit an email to the school clerk (Ms. Jimerson) explaining the reason for absence. 
  • All attendance will be taken by teachers in Aspen during the class period. Students and parents may view the student attendance record via the Aspen student and parent portals. A student who has been marked tardy or absent will be receive an attendance alert on their Aspen record. 
  • For an excused absence, teachers will provide a link to the recording of the class period that they missed, and allow the student to make up all associated work for full credit. 
  • Students who are absent from any class should expect their parent to receive an email and phone call within 24 hours. The communication will come from office and support staff. 
  • Parents and students may set up alerts in the Aspen student and parent portals to automatically notify them via text and/or email when a teacher has marked them tardy or absent. For assistance with this, please contact Principal Narain.

Grading guidelines

  • The CPS grading policy that was used during remote learning in the Spring is no longer valid.
  • Teachers will employ their regular grading practices that will be outlined in their syllabi. 
  • Students are expected to complete all assignments and assessments that are administered during Remote Learning. Teachers will utilize Google Classroom to facilitate administration and submission of these items. 
  • Teachers may give points for participating in class activities, so students who are not present for these activities will not only lose out on these valuable learning opportunities but may also lose points. 
  • Students whose parent provides a valid excuse for their absence will be excused (not penalized) for class participation points and be given additional time to turn in any assignments from that day. 
  • Students whose parent does not provide a valid excuse for their absence may not be allowed to make up assignments from the day of their absence. Consequently their grade may be lowered.
  • Students and parents may set up alerts in the Aspen student and parent portals to automatically notify them via text and/or email when their grade changes. For assistance with this, please contact Principal Narain.

Access to socio-emotional learning, extracurricular activities, and academic supports

  • Students will be able to interact with administrators, the School Culture Coordinator (Mr. Diggs), the Attendance Coordinator (Mr. Myers), or the counselor (Ms. Robin) during their 5th period free time. Links to each of their office hours will be provided via email and posted on the school website. 
  • Appointments with each of the above staff, or with the school Social Worker (Ms. Thomas) can be arranged via email. The staff in question will email a link to a private meeting room at a time that is most convenient, and communicate with the teacher to excuse the student’s absence. 
  • On occasion, one of the aforementioned staff may need to speak privately with a student to discuss a concern or offer support. In this case, the arrangement will be made via email and communicated to the parent. Should a student not attend the meeting, the staff may choose to enter a virtual classroom and provide the link to the meeting directly to the student. 
  • The school counselor will provide general support to students by coming to grade-level classes (PE and/or English) during pre-arranged times during the school year. 
  • Academic tutoring will be provided via the Community Schools Initiative (CSI) beginning at 4:15PM Monday through Thursday. A link will be provided to all students via email and also posted on the school website. 
  • CSI will also be providing after school activities and clubs that are suited to the remote learning environment. More information on these activities will be provided via email and posted on the school website. 
  • Hirsch will not be offering any Fall sports at this time. 

Important roles and contact information

All staff available 9AM-4PM via email or appointment.

School Resource Coordinator (for after school club or tutoring concerns) - Ms. Lily - [email protected]