Hirsch Remote Learning Plan

I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe during these troubling times. We have now been out of school for three weeks, and during this time I have been working with the faculty to create a plan for continuing your education until we are allowed to return to school. Our plan for remote learning is attached, but I will attempt to summarize its contents in this email. 
Hirsch, along with all other CPS schools, must transition to a learning format that allows you to interact with teachers while still maintaining social distancing. As such, we have created a "virtual school" where you can do this online. The school hours will be from 9AM to 2:30PM, Monday through Friday. Teachers will be available in virtual "classrooms" through an online platform called Google Meet. The expectation is that you attend these online sessions every day to interact with your teachers, learn from them, and receive help on assigned work. While we are hoping to return to regular school on May 1st, we have no guarantee that the governor will not keep us out for longer. This means we must adjust to our "new normal" of virtual schooling. 
Please click here to access the links to the virtual classrooms. You are expected to attend the sessions that you normally would if you were in school. Some classes are available at different times in the day so that you avoid conflicts with other classes. Classes are available for all Math, Science, English, History, Art, Computer Science, and Spanish sections. If these classes were on your regular schedule, you must attend a virtual class once per day for each of them. You do not have to follow the order of your original schedule, just choose the classes whenever they are available on the virtual schedule. 
Here is a quick guide for how to use Google Meet.  Most of you will not need this; it is very simple to use. 
If you do not have a device (such as a cell phone, tablet, iPad, chromebook, laptop or desktop computer) that is equipped with a microphone, each virtual class also has a dial-in option for your convenience. However, using one of the devices mentioned is preferred so that you can see the teacher and the teacher can see you. 
If you need to borrow a chromebook so that you may access the virtual classrooms, I will be distributing them next week on Monday 4/13, Tuesday 4/14 and Wednesday 4/15 between the hours of 9AM and 1PM. A parent or guardian must pick up the device and sign for it for any student who is not 18. Students who are 18 may sign for the device themselves. Please respond to this email to let me know if you plan to pick up a device, so that I may prepare one for you. 
If you are completely unable to access our virtual classrooms, we will be making learning packets available for pickup beginning Monday 4/13 as well. A new packet will be produced every two weeks. This would mean that someone would have to travel to the school to retrieve the packet, and bring it back once completed. You will still have the option of calling in to the virtual session to get help from a teacher if needed. 
I am here to help you! If you need individual help with anything, you can join me in a virtual help session beginning next Monday from 9AM-1PM by clicking here. You can also call into the session by calling 1 718-618-6247 and entering the PIN 952 310 320‬#. I will be available every day. 
This new way of life can be difficult to adjust to and may be causing you a lot of stress. If you need to speak with Ms. Robin, Mr. Diggs, Ms. Thomas or Ms. Agresta, they are also available virtually. Links to their sessions are available on the schedule as well. 
Together, we will adjust to our circumstances and get through this. Please do not allow yourself to fall behind and become complacent. You must keep your mind active and do the best you can to keep up with your studies. We are here to support you!