Principal's Message

Greetings Hirsch Community
It is with great enthusiasm and passion that I introduce myself as your principal. My plan is to work together for the continued success of all students at Hirsch Metropolitan High School. 
I have been an educator with the Chicago Public Schools for 23 years, as well as a product of CPS education. I bring with me experience as a high school science teacher, district instructional coach, assistant principal, and most recently a network instructional support leader. I have B.S. in Biology and three Master degrees – Secondary Education, Educational Administration, and Business Administration in Management, respectively.
I value honesty, integrity, trust, humility, transparency, and fairness. I have a strong faith that guides and leads me. I am described as being a leader who is empathetic, supportive, accountable, a problem-solver, and organized to name a few. These attributes help me to build and foster positive relationships with students, staff, parents, and community to lead positive impacts for students.
We will continue with the following priorities:
1. Creating a safe and supportive school culture.
2. Improving literacy rates for all students.
3. Creating relevant experiences, both in and out of the classroom, to help students gain hope and agency in improving their personal circumstances. 
I am ready to continue moving forward to meet school priorities with implementing strategies and initiatives that involve:
1.  increasing student support services,
2. encouraging interdisciplinary projects that will increase reading and writing skills across all subject areas, and
3. students exploring real-world situations that will promote teamwork and problem-solving
skills to build pride and confidence.
By aligning these strategies with the school's priorities, the staff and I will continue to create an environment that not only enhances academic achievement but also nurtures the well-being, self-efficacy, and future prospects of each student.
In collaboration with staff, parents, and the community, Hirsch High School will continue rise to the top and graduate students who will be productive citizens in society and succeed in life. Please look forward to more communication about parent engagement and meetings. 
Ms. Tiffany Gore, Principal
Emil G. Hirsch Metropolitan High School
7740 S. Ingleside
Chicago, IL 60619
P: 773-535-3100